Visual Storytelling Malakta

Ibis har glädjen att presentera en grupputställning med Néha Hirve, Vilhelm Stokstad och Jenni Emilia Toivonen.

Alla tre fotografer har deltagit i dokumentärfotokursen som ordnats på Malakta 2017 och 2018. Hösten 2019 kommer dokumentärfotokursen på Malakta ordnas för tredje gången.

Ibiksellä on ilo esitellä Néha Hirven, Vilhelm Stokstadin ja Jenni Emilia Toivosen ryhmänäyttely.

Kaikki kolme valokuvaajaa ovat osallistuneet Malaktan 2017 ja 2018 järjestämille dokumenttikuvauskursseille. Syksyllä 2019 Malakta tulee järjestämään dokumenttikuvauskurssin kolmannen kerran.

Néha Hirve – In a light that is leaving

In the woods between Cologne and Aachen, secrets were whispered, communications were encrypted, meetings were arranged by nightfall, and barricades were constantly built and destroyed at every entrance point. Here, it always felt like the apocalypse was about to occur.

There were people living in this forest — somewhere between ten and one hundred, no one will say — and they were waiting it out until the inevitable ‘Day X,’ when they would be evicted, their treehouse homes destroyed by the police, and the last of forest would be cut down forever.

‘In a light that is leaving’ started out as a story about waiting, but on September 13, 2018, the apocalypse that the activists have been preparing for all these years finally arrived. The police began a massive eviction of the area in what is estimated to be one of the largest and longest operations in North Rhine Westphalia. Special forces systematically evicted and destroyed the treehouses and arrested activists.

Vilhelm Stokstad –Questioned Identity

Race, religion and statelessness in Modi’s India.

100,000s of Indians are being stripped of their citizenship. In the northeastern state of Assam, religious and linguistic discrimination is producing a new stateless minority in Asia.

The photo series for this story combines portraits with images of documents used to prove the person’s identity. All the images for one portrait have been taken at the same time and location and then combined using a mixture of techniques such as blending modes and opacity in photoshop.

Jenni Emilia Toivonen – Velatropa

Hidden in the city of Buenos Aires lies a green oasis called Velatropa. Ten years ago, a landfill was occupied by local activists and students who during the years turned it into a refuge full of trees, bio constructions, greenhouse and a garden plot. The community aims to be an example of a lifestyle between urban and rural, reconnecting people in the city with the nature. On a regular basis, the community arranges interdisciplinary workshops, environmental education and festivals where the main activity is to plant trees together. The use of money is minimized with an intention to cultivate what one consumes and exchanging goods and knowledge.

On a sunny afternoon you can see the people of Velatropa meditate in a circle while airplanes land right above to a nearby airport and local football fans cheer in the River Plate stadium just across the street. Placed on an occupied no man’s land, the community is in a constant danger of eviction by the government. That is why they call themselves ‘The vanguards of rebellion’.

“The authorities and people outside think we are destroying, but the truth is exactly the opposite – we are building something new.”