A collaboration between Ukrainian photographer Daria Gatska and Finnish photographer Aja Lund.

Was there something about their long hair, Daria’s dark and Aja’s blonde, that wanted to intertwine? They met at Novia University in Jakobstad where they studied photography and immediately realized that they liked going on spontaneous adventures. Many photo sessions have been completed where fantasy and reality and a strong friendship have been tied together.

Despite Daria moving to Porto, the contact between her and Aja has continued. When Daria came to visit Finland, she saw a pink plastic chair and got an idea for a photo series the same weekend that the Barbie movie premiered. Like Barbie doll plays where everything is possible, we have played on through our photo projects and made everything possible!

How would we visualize a middle-aged Finnish Barbie? What is she doing? Where and who is Ken? During a few intense days we searched for locations and props and went out into the Finnish countryside and found Ken in a grocery store.

We plan to continue the project with additional images and later visualize an Ukrainian Barbie.

What does your inner and outer Barbie look like? What is she doing?

We started to do our interpretation and after the first photos was made, we asked AI to describe a Finnish middle-aged Barbie:

Chat gpt answer

Here’s a description of a fictional Finnish middle-aged Barbie: Name: ”Suomi Barbie” (Suomi means Finland in Finnish)


Suomi Middle-Aged Barbie’s would have a more mature appearance than the classic Barbie, with visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Her body proportions might be more realistic compared to the traditional Barbie, emphasizing a healthy and fit lifestyle rather than extreme proportions. She would have long, straight blonde hair, which is a common hair color among the Finnish population. She might also have streaks of gray or silver hair, embracing her age.


Suomi Middle-Aged Barbie’s outfit would be inspired by traditional Finnish clothing. She might wear a brightly colored, embroidered folk dress called a ”kansallispuku” or ”national costume,” which is a symbol of Finnish heritage. The dress would be adorned with intricate patterns and designs, often inspired by nature.


To pay homage to Finland’s love for outdoor activities, Suomi Middle-Aged Barbie could come with accessories like cross-country skiing equipment, a miniature sauna set, or a small basket of fresh berries, as picking wild berries is a popular Finnish pastime during the summer months. Accessories would be chosen to complement her style, including practical yet stylish items like scarves, handbags, and comfortable footwear for the Finnish climate.

Personality and Interests:

Her packaging and marketing might emphasize qualities like independence, intelligence, and a strong sense of individuality, which are traits often associated with middle-aged women in Finland. Suomi Middle-Aged Barbie would be portrayed as an outdoorsy and nature-loving individual, reflecting Finland’s strong connection to its natural surroundings. She might be depicted as someone who enjoys activities like hiking, camping, fishing and also reading books by Finnish authors. Additionally, she would have a passion for Finnish traditions, such as sauna bathing and celebrating Midsummer.

Box Design:

The packaging for Suomi Middle-Aged Barbie could feature images of Finland’s breathtaking landscapes, including its forests, lakes, and the Northern Lights. It might also include fun facts about Finnish culture, history, and landmarks to educate and entertain those who purchase her.