Our aim is, and has been over the past years, to keep analog film and photography alive and accessible in the nordic baltic region and to promote its transformation into the future. For almost a decade Filmverkstaden has been offering the facilities needed for working with analog film and photography, as well as organising hands on workshops, film screenings and other related projects. Seizing the occasion of Filmverkstadens 10th anniversary, we intend to introduce these unique art forms to a broad public and to sustain these art forms by means of a festival, comprising of a 3-month exhibition, a public programme with workshops, film screenings and live cinema performances and a labs meeting. We aim to create a meeting point of exchange and engagement of ideas and experiences around filmic creation.

The exhibition is not only an overview of works made by members and guest artists at the unique facilities of Filmverkstaden, it is also an overview of the current state of what is happening within the world of analog film and photography. The works on display are all analog or have been initiated on analog film, providing a unique opportunity to dive into a world of alchemy, where light becomes silver. It offers the rare opportunity of experiencing expanded cinema works and works on the boundaries of analog film and photography.

The exhibition will be curated by Sarah Schipschack, film curator, programmer, and producer, based in Tromsø,
Norway, in collaboration with Britt Al-Busultan, founder and director of Filmverkstaden and artist working with expanded cinema. The exhibition focuses on analog film and photography, digital works initiated on analog, installation and two dimensional works that explore the concept of (moving) image in all possible forms and appearances. Characteristic are the handmade aspect, the experiments and the innovative techniques.


Invited artists working with analog photography:

Dagie Brundert (DE)

Dagie Brundert (1962) studied visual arts and experimental film when she fell in love with her
super 8 camera (Nizo). Since then she has been trying to be a particle-finder, a wave-catcher, and a
good story-teller, always looking for and absorbing weird beautiful things from this world,
chewing and spitting them out again.


Daniel Beijar (FI)

Daniel Beijar has been engaging himself with analog techniques for more than a decade. His interests go everywhere from double8 filming to large format photography and collodium wet plate. Since the last couple of years, he had specialised himself in environmental friendly techniques. Beijar develops film and photographs in coffee and makes cyanotypes.


Claudia Hausfeld (IS/DE)

Claudia Hausfeld (b. 1980) was born in Berlin and lives and works in Reykjavík. She studied photography at the Zürich University of the Arts, Switzerland and graduated from the Art Academy of Iceland in 2012. She has been an active member in several artist run exhibition spaces in Switzerland, Denmark and Iceland. Claudia Hausfeld creates spaces that play with the reliability of the visual. She works primarily with the deconstruction of the photographic image. Memory, perception and the sense of reality that is inherent in photography is being put to a test. Questions about the representation of what is visible are translated into collages, objects and text works, combining photography, sculpture, images and sound.


Elvira Akzigitova (EE)

Elvira Akzigitova (1988) is an analog visual artist from the ex-Soviet cement suburbia in Estonia. Photography is her way of dealing with a shifting and fragmented environment. Her work uncovers the bond between form and content, as well as the ambivalence between intension and chance. After many years of working with digital formats, she came back to the cracks and crunches of film and non-traditional darkroom processes. She chooses in-depth and pure methods of visualisation, as opposed to cold digital detachment.